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New Nobility

From Australia
Year Formed 2005
Members Zo,Josh,Sea
Genre Alternative Rock

New Nobility

Band Bio

New Nobility is taking the independent music scene by storm. Already an internationally recognized band, this Sydney-based trio not only woos and pierces the ears of rock lovers with their melodious shredding and vocals (as heard here in Galactic), but also uses their music as a platform to promote justice and world peace. If the idea of peaceful Hard Rock is making you a bit queasy, don�t worry. This isn�t some Rage Against the Machine/We Are the World crossover. New Nobility administers the right dose of poisonous rock to balance out the peace and activism, which has won them quite a global following. With awards, accolades and this international attention, the only indie question for these Aussie rockers is how much longer �til they�re signed? For fans of Indecent Obsession and Invertigo, check out their infectious Galactic Love from the album Let�s Make Better World.
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Awards Music Aid: "Best Band 2007" in the U.K. World Peace and Music Award in India. World Pop Contest 2014 (Euro Hit 40) Song Of The Year 2011

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