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Bedruthan Steps, Cornwall

Location Cornwall, UK
Sea Temperature (C) Spring / Summer / Fall / Winter 14/18/15/12
Bedruthan Steps, Cornwall

Bedruthan Steps, Cornwall

Description  At the top of the steps leading down to the beach, take a moment to enjoy the wonderful coastline scenery. The steps, steep in places, have now been rebuilt - they used to be a little crumbly and dangerous. At the bottom, wander along the golden sands (just the right consistency for sandcastles). There are several intriguing archways in the cliffs to investigate. Signs warn against swimming, but in summer the signs are mostly ignored.
Why in 100 Best?
A glorious beach under spectacular cliffs. After your day at the beach (and your cream tea at the cliff-top cafe), walk along the coastal path for some brilliant views of the cliffs, sea-stacks, crashing surf and blue ocean.

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