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Caladesi Island, Florida

Location Near Dunedin, Florida
Sea Temperature (C) Spring / Summer / Fall / Winter 21/27/20/18
Caladesi Island, Florida

Caladesi Island, Florida

Caladesi Island FL


There are no roads to, or on Caladesi, so you'll have to abandon your car to make the trip to this beautiful undeveloped island. Take one of the frequent pedestrian ferries from Honeymoon Island or Clearwater marina which sail to the island. Alternatively hire a kayak from Clearwater, or for the really hardy, walk across the sandbars from Clearwater Beach.

The beaches on the island are a dazzlingly white, and crystal clear turquoise waters lap the shore. Make sure you bring some water and a sun umbrella - the trees are set some way behind the beach, so it's difficult to find shade. There is a small concession hiring out chairs and umbrellas, and selling food and drinks.

Before you leave, set aside some time to investigate the wonderful hiking trails in the island's forest.

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Caladesi Island FL is a beautiful beach with a real tropical island feel. Blue warm waters, hot sunshine, and great shelling.

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