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Cannon Beach, Oregon

Location Oregon, USA
Sea Temperature (C) Spring / Summer / Fall / Winter 12/17/12/11
Cannon Beach, Oregon

Cannon Beach, Oregon


The beautiful, rugged Cannon Beach is over 9 miles long - the hardy can walk the whole distance. The most popular section is around the giant Haystack rock, which towers over the sands with a height of 235ft.

Haystack can be reached at low tide. The rockpools around the rock are teaming with life - tread carefully, and don't net or collect anything, as the area forms part of the Oregon Islands National Wildlife Refuge.

Cannon Beach the town is well worth a visit - it's become a small magnet for artistic and creative types, and there are several interesting galleries.

Make sure you visit the nearby Ecola State park, and take the trail to the headland. There are great views back along the beach. Also, in winter, keep an eye out for whales as they migrate along the coast.

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A walk along Cannon Beach will completely revitalize you, blowing away all the cobwebs.

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