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Crescent Beach, Florida

Location Siesta Key, Florida
Sea Temperature (C) Spring / Summer / Fall / Winter 21/27/20/18 70/81/68/64
Crescent Beach, Florida

Crescent Beach, Florida

Crescent Beach, Florida


Situated on the warm Gulf coast of Florida, Siesta Key is a barrier island off Sarasota. The island is over 7 miles long,and the Gulf facing shore forms an almost continuous stretch of fine beaches. Crescent Beach is a beautiful sweep of fine white sand with Siesta Key beach to the north, and Point-Of-Rocks to the south.

The water is just right for swimming being warm, clear and calm. If you're keen on snorkelling, flipper over to the rocky outcrop at Point-Of-Rocks - there's a fantastic variety of sea-life to be seen.

After a day at the beach, head over to Siesta Key village to relax in one of the lively bars, or cheerful restaurants.

Why in 100 Best?

A lovely beach, popular with locals and tourists alike. Beautiful white sands, wall-to-wall sunshine, and warm inviting waters.

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