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Great Bay, Scilly Islands

Location St Martins, Scilly Islands
Sea Temperature (C) Spring / Summer / Fall / Winter 14/18/15/12

Great Bay, Scilly Islands


It's about a twenty minute walk by a narrow track from the quayside to Great Bay. Your first view of the beach is breathtaking - a wide double crescent of fine white sand with a definite castaway feel.

From the beach, there's a great view of the Eastern Isles, and in the distance, Land's End.

St Martins has other things to offer apart from lovely beaches - try a snorkelling or diving course at the local diving school, visit the several art galleries, or take a tour of the vineyard.

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As the only way to reach the beach is on foot, there's no cafe, no car park, no busy roads. Just a beautiful beach beside crystal clear water.
Scilly Diving

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