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Green Sand Beach, Hawaii

Location South Point, Hawaii
Sea Temperature (C) Spring / Summer / Fall / Winter 24/26/24/24
Green Sand Beach, Hawaii

Green Sand Beach, Hawaii


Green Sand Beach is located at South Point, the southernmost tip of the Big Island. Park your car at the end of road (a small branch off South Park Road - see the map). It's a 2 1/2 mile walk to the beach (unless you've got a chunky 4x4). So put on some proper shoes (there's plenty of coarse lava underfoot), and don't forget to take lots of water, as there's no concession at the beach.

After about 15 mins of walking the dramatic shape of the side rim of Puu Mahana cinder cone comes into view. The cone forms the curving sides of the bay. It's well worth walking up to the highest part of the cone for the spectacular view.

Make your way back to the south side of the cliffs to climb down to the beach - take care with your footing.

And yes, the sand is green. It's made up of grains of volcanic glass, tinted green by olivine. To cool down, go swimming (on calm days). The water is wonderful, with lots of marine life to see with a snorkel mask.

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The view from above the beach is unforgettable. The azure sea contrasts beautifully with the gray-green sand.

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