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Hideaways Beach, Kauai

Location Kauai, USA
Sea Temperature (C) Spring / Summer / Fall / Winter 24/26/24/24
Hideaways Beach, Kauai

Hideaways Beach, Kauai

Hideaways Beach, Kauai


Start from the far corner of the Princeville Hotelís public parking area. A 15 minute hike down a steep path and rough steps lined with a rope handrail leads down to the beach.

Overcoming the slightly problematic approach is well worthwhile. The beach is a perfect crescent of golden sand in front of tall trees. When the sea is calm, the swimming or snorkeling is fantastic. Look out for sea turtles, which can often be seen dipping up and down by the fringes of the reef. There are no lifeguards, so take no chances if the sea looks choppy.

Another small beach is separated from the main beach by a rocky headland - on a very calm day, strong swimmers can swim between the two.

A 1/4 mile along the coast, you'll find the splendid Queen Emma's Bath. (Queen Emma was the wife of King Kamehameha IV, who ruled Kauai in the mid 19th century). Access along the coast is impossible, but again there's a path down from the road. Look for a parking lot set among the houses at the end of Kapilani Road. This is the start for a 15 minute rough walk down to the shore. The Bath is an enormous rockpool set in the lava, connected to the ocean by a small outlet. The surf pounds over the wall of the pool, then rushes back to the ocean via the narrow channel. It makes for an exhilarating swimming experience. Leaping off the rocks (with care) into the pool is also great fun.

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A jewel of a beach, which is a must-see if you're visiting or staying on the North side of Kauai.

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