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Lumaha'i Beach, Kauai

Location Kauai
Sea Temperature (C) Spring / Summer / Fall / Winter 24/26/24/24
Lumaha'i Beach, Kauai

Lumaha'i Beach, Kauai

Lumaha'i Beach, Kauai


If you're a fan of the movie South Pacific, you'll recognise Lumaha'i Beach instantly, for this is the beach where Mitzi Gaynor 'washed that man right out of her hair'. It must have been a very easy decision for the movie location scouts to recommend Lumaha'i, because this glorious beach would make a picture-perfect backdrop to any movie.

Lumaha'i beach is on the north shore of Kauai - drive along route 56 and either stop by the lookout at the 5 mile mark to walk down the marked trail, or park at the Limahuli Stream lot (between 5 and 6 mile markers).

Conditions are often too dangerous for swimming - strong currents, heavy surf, and fierce riptides make a potentially lethal combination. If the water is very calm, and you feel brave, jumping from one of the jutting-out black lava rocks into the deep blue water is heart-pumpingly thrilling. When surf's up, it's best to avoid the ocean, and to wade and play in Lumaha'i Stream, which spills into the ocean on the left hand side of the beach. If you fancy cooling down, shady trees at the back of the beach makes an ideal picnic spot out of the sun.

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A stunning beach, with a real Robinson Crusoe feel - though there are normally just a few other people about!

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