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Plage de la Gravette, Antibes

Location Antibes, France
Sea Temperature (C) Spring / Summer / Fall / Winter 18/23/16/15
Plage de la Gravette, Antibes

Plage de la Gravette, Antibes


A gorgeous town beach, facing south-west, sheltered from the sea waves by a breakwater. It's absolutely wonderful to swim round the enclosed bay - take your goggles, as there's plenty of marine life. Also worth a visit is the hidden pebbly beach reached by walking over the headland. The beaches are located on the other side of the old wall from Port Vauban, the home of several opulent mega-yachts.

It can be very busy in summer, so arrive early, then adjourn for lunch to one of the many great cafés and restaurants in the charming old town just a couple of minutes walk away.

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Plage de la Gravette, Antibes
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Lovely little beach with sensational views - to one side its the blue Mediterranean , and to the other the ancient town ramparts.

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