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Refugio Beach, California

Location Santa Barbara, CA
Sea Temperature (C) Spring / Summer / Fall / Winter 16 / 20 / 18 / 16
Refugio Beach, California

Refugio Beach, California

Refugio Beach, California


To reach Refugio State Beach, drive about 20 miles west of Santa Barbara on Hwy 101, then make the turn left at Refugio Road (the beach is clearly signed). The beach is a magnificent stretch of fine white sand, that shelves gently into the ocean. Lots of small palm trees are dotted just behind the sand, giving the beach some instant character, and providing a shady haven when needed.

It’s a brilliant setting for a summer’s day – laze on your towel, go for a swim, or, if you’ve brought your surfboard, join the surfers by the point trying to catch the better waves.

The beach is ideal for families - a pretty little stream which runs out to sea over the beach makes a fair-sized lagoon behind the sand - very popular with kids for messing about in.

Keen campers will find themselves in luck, because the friendly camp ground is very conveniently situated just next to the beach. For picnicers there’s lots of tables, benches, and bbq pits.

A great little bike trail, hugging the railroad, runs the 2 ˝ miles southeast to El Capitán State Beach, which is also well worth a visit. Between the two beaches parts of the coastline are spoilt by the nearness of the road, but beyond the parking lot for El Capitán, the road and rail back off from the coast, as the land forms a headland. Here El Capitán creek runs into the sea. There are some lovely short hiking trails back along the creek in a pretty woodland setting.

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Refugio Beach, California


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