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Venice Beach, California

Location California, USA
Sea Temperature (C) Spring / Summer / Fall / Winter 16/20/18/16
Venice Beach, California

Venice Beach, California

Description  Venice beach is a 3 mile stretch of beach just outside LA. But many just go to the boardwalk to people-watch, and, oh-boy, they're not disappointed. Take your pick from outrageous hairdos, head-to-foot tattoos, scary-looking body piercings, and super-weird clothing.

Street performers are everywhere, with an incredible mix of musicians, jugglers, acrobats, mimes, clowns and fortune tellers.

But don't just watch! Bring your guitar and have a go. Or join the muscle-maniacs on Muscle beach and pump some serious iron. Alternatively hire a bike or rollerblades and coolly cruise along the boardwalk.

Away from the hustling, bustling beach front, a walk along the few-remaining canals - the inspiration of the original developer - provides some welcome peace.

Why in 100 Best?
Venice Beach in summer must rate as one of the craziest, funkiest places anywhere.

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