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Baltimore - Inner Harbor

Inner Harbor

Country USA
Things To Do Port Discovery Children's Museum, Baltimore Waterfront Promenade, Edgar Allan Poe's Baltimore Home, The Historic Ships Museum, Fellís Point, Maryland Science Center, Fort McHenry
Baltimore - Historic Ships Museum

Historic Ships Museum

Baltimore - Fells Point

Fells Point

Baltimore - Waterfront Promenade

Waterfront Promenade



Baltimore began life as a port - in the mid 18th century the area was a center of tobacco farming, and a dock was built on the bay to allow the shipment of tobacco products to Europe. Baltimore began as a little township adjacent to the port, servicing the needs of the prosperous trade. In the years after the Revolution, the town developed into an important boat building center, making tall masted privateer clipper ships. The port continued to prosper when during the 19th century the construction of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad made possible the transport of grain from the mid-West directly to the town. The 20th century started with disaster when in 1904 a huge fire destroyed most of buildings in the cityís center. The destroyed buildings were replaced during a frenetic decade of reconstruction. Today the city is a big hit with tourists, for a variety of attractions around the historic Inner Harbor.

Your first stop could be Fort McHenry. Here in the War of 1812, United States forces based at Fort McHenry triumphed when defending the city from attack by the British in a fierce clash. Move onto the Baltimore Museum of Industry where the galleries exhibit old machines, original manuscripts and tinted photographs celebrating the long history of commerce in the city. Next check out the the Historic Ships Museum - tour the Lightship Chesapeake, the USS Constellation (flagship of the US African squadron in the mid 19th century), the Seven Foot Knoll Lighthouse (the oldest screw pile lighthouse on the Chesapeake), USCGC Taney (from pearl harbor) and the USS Torsk (a submarine). And don't forget the historic district of Fell's Point. The cobblestone alleys, small market squares and tall houses bring back the busy shipbuilding era.
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An attractive city with a rich history, with many things to see and things to do around the beautiful Inner Harbor.

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