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Country USA
Things To Do Freedom Trail, Boston Common and Garden, Back Bay, Beacon Hill, Tea Party Ship and Museum



Founded in 1630 by the Pilgrim Fathers, Boston is America's oldest city. The city is steeped in history - one of the most famous events being the Boston Tea Party during the War of Independence.

Boston is probably the only American city where you can explore the whole centre on foot. Follow the Freedom Trail - a red brick/paint line which visits all of Boston's 16 most famous historical sites. A map/guide for the trail is available at the starting point - the visitors information centre on Boston Common.

Another walk which can be highly recommended is to follow Mount Vernon street, starting at Massachusetts State House, and finishing at Charles Street meeting house. The beautiful Victorian architecture lends great character to the street - notice the beautiful iron-work, sturdy brass door knobs and knockers, and impressive stone work around the doors.

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The cobbled streets, gas lamps and fine brick buildings bring a special character to the city, which will surprise and delight the visitor.

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