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Brisbane - Old Windmill

Old Windmill

Country Australia
Things To Do General Post Office Building, Old Windmill, Commissariat Store, George Street Mansions, St Stephens, Southbank Parklands, Gallery of Modern Art, Queensland Art Gallery, Queensland
Brisbane - General Post Office

General Post Office

Brisbane - South Bank Parklands

South Bank Parklands

Brisbane - Gold Coast

Gold Coast



Brisbane, Queensland's capital, sits on the Brisbane River with the coast of Moreton Bay to the east and the mountains of the Great Dividing Range to the west. The city takes its name from Sir Thomas Brisbane, Governor of New South Wales from 1821 to 1825.

What is today a large urban center began as a small penal colony by the Brisbane river for uncooperative convicts expelled from Sydney. The initial tally of convicts was 45 men and only 2 women. In the late 1830s the area's suitability for farming, fishing and timbering led to it being opened up to settlement by free men. Throughout the last part of the nineteenth century Brisbane carried on growing, finally becoming a city in 1902. During WWII Brisbane was a major support center to the Pacific theater and the staging post for many American and Australian soldiers. Today, Brisbane is a youthful and easy-living city of two million people recognized as among the world's most sought-after places for lifestyle, business and leisure.

Perhaps the best place for a visitor to city to start, in order to get their orientation, is with a walking tour of the city center. Interesting sights include the General Post Office Building, an imposing stone and brick building dating back to 1872, the Old Windmill, built by convicts in 1828, the Commissariat Store, built to service the Moreton penal colony, George Street Mansions, an elegant set of terraces dating from 1890 and St Stephens, built in 1850 with a neo-gothic frontage.

Next, for a piece of well-earned relaxation, visit the South Bank Parklands, sited on the south bank of the Brisbane river, across from the CBD. Especially recommended is to spending some time in contemplation sitting next to the Nepal Peace Pagoda, a magnificent copy of a Nepalese Temple, one of only three Peace Pagodas outside of Nepal.

If there's an art-lover inside you, carry on to the South Bank Cultural Centre. Situated next to the south bank of the Brisbane River between the the Victoria bridge and the William Jolly bridge, the Centre comprises three significant attractions, the Gallery of Modern Art, the Queensland Art Gallery and the Queensland Museum. The Queensland Art Gallery contains over 12000 international and Australian paintings, sculptures and installations. The Gallery of Modern Art offers the biggest collection of modern art in Australia, presenting the output of a diverse variety of talented artists. The Queensland Museum is the custodian of Queensland's cultural and natural legacy with collections of over a million items providing an insight into the state's fascinating history.

Or perhap's an animal-lover lurks within? If so, you'll not be able to resist the opportunity to get up close to a beautiful Kuola bear. The Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary provides just such a chance. Started in 1927 on 5 acres by the Brisbane River, the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary is the world's first and biggest koala sanctuary with more than 130 koalas. Don't forget to have your picture taken as you pet an endearing koala, lift a scaly snake, or let a bird of prey perch on your outstretched hand.

Finally Brisbane is within easy reach of both the Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast. Both are sun soaked surfer's paradises, with a lively night scene to enjoy.
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An exciting lively compact city, with lots of attractions and activities. A great destination especially when combined with a visit to the Gold or Sunshine coasts.

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Brisbane - City Skyline
Brisbane - Commissariat
Brisbane - Kuolas at the Lone Pine Kuola Sanctuary
Brisbane - Surfing on the Gold Coast


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