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Country Canada
Things To Do CN Tower, St Lawrence Market, Toronto Zoo, Ontario Place, Harbourfront Centre, Toronto Islands, Fort York



Toronto is situated on the northwest shore of Lake Ontario. Originally, in the late 18th century, the land was bought by the British from native tribes. The early settlement grew into an important and busy town. But this newly formed town was plundered and damaged by the Americans in the War of 1812. The town was rebuilt and rapidly grew. Over the next century, Toronto was a favorite destination for many European immigrants - examples are the Irish escaping the potato famines, and Russians escaping political oppression. This large influx of peoples has given the city a undeniable cosmolopitan air. Now the city is the economic powerhouse of Canada, being the base for many large businesses.

There are many things to do in Toronto. A favorite is a trip to the top of the CN telecommunications tower, which at 1815ft high gives wonderful views over the city and lake. Also recommended is a trip to Casa Loma castle with its intriguing secret passages and 800ft underground tunnel.

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A vibrant and lively city, with a lot to see and do. Also not to be missed is a trip to the spectacular Niagara falls, on the Niagara river between Lake Eyrie and Lake Ontario.

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