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Eduardo Verastegui

Nationality Mexican
Yr Born 1974
Birthplace Mante, Mexico
Height, Eyes, Hair 6'0" (183cm), brown eyes, black hair
Eduardo Verastegui

Eduardo Verastegui


Eduardo was brought up in a farming family. As a teenager he took up acting classes,and discovered a talent for acting. He went on to study lawat Tamaulipas University, but dropped out of the course to model.He appeared on the runway for such famous designers as Versace and Calvin Klein.

On a break from modelling, Eduardo joined the pop group Kairo.The group was incredibly successful throughout Latin America, playing to sell-outs everywhere.

After 4 years, the group disintegrated, and Verįstegui followed his passion for acting byappearing in a series of popular Mexican TV soap operas.

In 2002, during a aeroplane trip, Eduardo was approached by the head of casting of Fox studios.As a result of this meeting Eduardo Verįstegui starred in the successful mainstream comedy movie Chasing Papi.Another film success Bella followed in 2006.

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A tall, dark, Latino hearthrob with hunky chisselled features.

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Eduardo Verastegui


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