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Jesse Spencer

Nationality Australian
Yr Born 1979
Birthplace Melbourne Australia
Height, Eyes, Hair 179cm Green/blue Blond
Jesse Spencer

Jesse Spencer

Jesse Spencer


Practically grew up on the hit aussie soap Neighbours as the the Kennedy's son, Billy then made the move (as many of them do) to London. After limited success in films and television in Britain he took a chance on a audition in a medical drama in LA. It appealed to him because there are so many doctors in his family. He got the part, managed to pursuade them it would be more interesting for Dr Robert Chase to be Australian instead of English, which is what they'd originally wanted, and has been outshining Hugh Laurie's House ever since. Particularly funny is the blooper reel on season Two's DVD box set where Hugh Laurie actually points out, in frustration from not getting the scene right, how adorable Jesse's hair is. How many of us are with Hugh on that one?!
Why in 100 Best?

The hair, obviously, but also because we've been watching that cute shocked look for too many years not to be addicted to it! Most fan sites have branded as 'too pretty to be straight' or just plain 'too cute'. Either way, recently single again.
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