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Nationality British
Yr Born 1977
Birthplace Cork
Height, Eyes, Hair 5' 10" dark brown blue eyes

Jonathan Rhys Meyer


Left school at 16. Spotted by a talent scout in a pool hall. Played the young Elvis and starred in Woody Allen's "Matchpoint" Impressive list of other films but most well known for his portrayal of Henry VIII in the BBC series "The TUDORS" He has three younger brothers and his mother recently died at the early age of 50. Shortly afterwards he was arrested as drunk and disorderly in the heart of London. It would seem he has a drink problem and it is to be hoped that he can overcome it as it would be a pity were such a beautiful and extremely talented actor to crash to earth , instead of continuing his metoric rise to lasting stardom
Why in 100 Best?

He is not just handsome but one of the few men who can be called beautiful. He has the most electric blue eyes.

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Listing contributed by Margaret

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