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NeNa LoKa

Nationality Mexican
Born 1984
Birthplace Tepatitlan de Morelos, Jalisco
Height, Eyes, Hair 5'6, honey brown, ash brown hair
NeNa LoKa

NeNa LoKa

NeNa LoKa

NeNa LoKa


I am a 28yr old that came to this country at 3 months of age in tbe state of Washington until I reached the age of 8 yrs d my parents decided to move to Wichita, Kansas on ovember 23 1993 h til now. Im glad my parent moved here ever since. I had alot challenges in my life as a kid I was a tom boy through high school until one day I decided to make that drastic change to look like a lady and be treated like a wioman. I consider myself strong... I had alot of sad and bad moments but it has never stop me from being the woman I am today and the mother of 3 beautiful boys ages 2 month old, 4yr old and 6 yr old. No regrets being a mom. I beleive nobody is perfect and everybody makes mistakes otherwise life would never be life. Its just life.
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I consider myself unique. I am smart, charismatic, funny, humble person you can ever meet.
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