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A Man Called Horse

Director Elliot Silverstein
Producer Sandy Howard
Screenplay Jac De Witt
Stars Richard Harris, Judith Anderson, Jean Gascon, Manu Tupou, Corinna Tsopei, Dub Taylor
Year Released 1970
A Man Called Horse

A Man Called Horse


Lord John Morgan, an Englishman travelling through the US in the 19th century, is captured by the Sioux whilst on a hunting trip. At first, Morgan is treated like an animal, and is given to the Chief's mother as a slave.

In time, though, the tribe begins to respect the bravery and fighting skills of Morgan, and, in turn, Morgan comes to respect the values and lifestyle of the Sioux.

Morgan is eventually asked to join the tribe. But to do so, he must undergo a gruesome initiation rite.

Why in 100 Best?

An intriguing insight into a native American tribe.
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