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Belle De Jour

Director Luis Buñuel
Producer Henri Baum, Raymond Hakim, Robert Hakim
Screenplay Luis Buñuel, Jean-Claude Carrière
Stars Catherine Deneuve, Jean Sorel, Michel Piccoli, Geneviève Page
Year Released 1967
Belle De Jour

Belle De Jour


Séverine loves her husband, but never makes love to him. During the day, when her husband is out busy with his profession as a surgeon, Séverine livens up her day with lurid fantasies and erotic daydreams.

In a chance conversation, Séverine hears the wereabouts of a high-class brothel. In a state of nervous excitement, she visits the brothel. The Madame, Madame Anaïs, employs her to work afternoons. Séverine chooses the pseudonym 'Belle de Jour'.

At the beginning, she manages to keep her work and home lifes separate. But events take an unpredictable turn.

Why in 100 Best?

An elegant movie, which details with its central themes of love and sex with a great mix of eroticism and humour.
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