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Director Mel Gibson
Producer Bruce Davey, Mel Gibson, Alan Ladd Jr
Screenplay Randall Wallace
Stars Mel Gibson, Brendan Gleeson, Patrick McGoohan, Catherine McCormack, Sophie Marceau, David O'Hara
Year Released 1995



It is the 13th century. Scotland is occupied by the English, whose king is the cruel Edward I. A commoner from the highlands, William Wallace, is so passionate in his hatred of the English, and so charismatic, that he raises and organises an army to fight the English. William Wallace is also a great battle strategist - for instance he has the idea of using long raised stakes to kill the much-feared English cavalry. But Wallace's brave and bold attempt to fight off the occupying forces causes rifts in the Scottish nobility - they have vested interests to protect.
Why in 100 Best?

This must be only film I've seen where the pre-battle warm-up your soldiers speech would actually motivate anyone. Mel Gibson is utterly convincing, and as he ties up with the line 'they'll never take... OUR FREEDOM' you actually feel you want to fight too!
ScotClans - Scottish History - 1297 Batlle of Stirling
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