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Director Lasse Hallström
Producer David Brown, Kit Golden, Leslie Holleran
Screenplay Robert Nelson Jacobs
Stars Juliette Binoche, Johnny Depp, Carrie-Anne Moss, Alfred Molina, Judi Dench
Year Released 2000



It's the 1960s in a small, sleepy village in rural France. The wandering Vianne and her young daughter arrive, and set up a chocolaterie opposite the church. Vianne makes a vast variety of fabulously rich velvety chocolates which would surely tempt even a saint.

But it's Lent. The indignant village mayor cannot believe that anybody of sound morals would open a chocolaterie during Lent, especially opposite a church, and determines to see the chocalerie close. He bullies the townfolk into avoiding her shop.

So Vianne is desparately short of customers - only those with nothing to lose visit.

But the warm, passionate, friendly nature of Vianne begins to erode the authority of the mayor.

Why in 100 Best?

Every scene is exquisitely detailed - especially memorable are the parts when Vianne meticulously (with seemingly a touch of magic) makes ups another batch of sumptuous chocolates.
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