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Dark Star

Director John Carpenter
Producer John Carpenter
Screenplay John Carpenter, Dan O'Bannon
Stars Brian Narelle, Cal Kuniholm, Dre Pahich, Dan O'Bannon
Year Released 1974
Dark Star

Dark Star


The spaceship 'Dark Star' is on a deep space mission to clear intergalatic highways. Any unstable planet in the way is destroyed with a huge nuclear bomb.

After 20 years in space, the professionalism of the four crew members has long since disappeared. The endless boredom has had its toll - the ship's computer is now a lot sharper than the crew.

They manage to detonate Bomb#19 to succesfully destroy a planet. But the next Bomb, #20 seems to be developing a mind of its own.

Why in 100 Best?

No real laugh-out-loud moments, but you're grinning and chuckling from start to finish.
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