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Director Werner Herzog
Producer Werner Herzog, Willi Segler, Lucki Stipetic
Screenplay Werner Herzog
Stars Klaus Kinski, Claudio Cardinale, Josť Lewgoy, Migue Angel Fuentes, Paul Hittscher, Huerequeque Enrique Borhorquez, Grande Otelo, Peter Berling
Year Released 1982



In the early 20th century, fortunes can be made from rubber harvesting. Brian Sweeney Fitzgerald, called Fitzcarraldo by the local Indians, is an obsessive opera lover. Fitzgerald finds out the location of a forest of huge rubber trees. They are untouched, as it would be impossible to transport the rubber out.

Fitzgerald determines to harvest the rubber, and to use the proceeds to fulfill his dream of building an opera house deep in the jungle. The only problem to solve is how to move the rubber from tree to market.

Why in 100 Best?

A truly awe-inspiring story, with Klaus Kinski playing obsession frighteningly well.
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