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Mr. Deeds

Director Steven Brill
Producer Adam Sandler, Joseph M Caracciolo
Screenplay Tim Herlihy
Stars Adam Sandler, Winona Ryder, John Turturro, Allen Covert, Peter Gallagher
Year Released 2002
Mr. Deeds

Mr. Deeds


The kind-natured Longfellow Deeds runs a pizza restaurant in a small rural town. He loves to entertain his customers by reading them his poetry - simple witty rhymes which he hopes one day will be published in greetings cards.

The unexpected happens. Deeds is told that his Uncle has died. Deeds didn't even know he had an Uncle. The Uncle was an incredibly wealthy media magnate, who has bequeathed his empire to Deeds.

The directors of the company move swiftly to buy Deed's inherited interest in the company. Matters are further complicated when an undercover reporter posing as a school nurse, Babe, tricks Deeds into dating her. Deeds must learn to survive in the big city world where people are not always what they seem.

Why in 100 Best?

Very funny, with plenty of chuckles.
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Tags comedy, movie

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