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Director David Fincher
Producer Phyllis Carlyle, Arnold Kopelson
Screenplay Andrew Kevin Walker
Stars Brad Pitt, Morgan Freeman, Gwyneth Paltrow, R. Lee Ermey, Kevin Spacey
Year Released 1995



Somerset is close to retiring from his job as a police detective. His experiences have taught him to be calm, calculating and careful. In his last week, he is partnered by Mills, a young newly promoted detective. Mills is both impulsive and impatient.

The two detectives are called to a grotesque crime scene. In a disgustingly dirty apartment, a hugely fat man is dead, slumped face down into a monstrous bowl of spaghetti.

The man is bound with barbed wire at his wrists and ankles. Suspicions of foul play are confirmed when the pathologist reports that the man was force-fed, and then kicked so hard as to split his bulging stomach.

The next day, a rich lawyer is found dead with the word 'GREED' written in blood beside his body. Acting on a hunch, Somerset returns to the first murder scene, pulls the refridgerator away from the wall to reveal the word 'GLUTTONY' written in fat on the wall.

Somerset surmises that these two murders will be the first of seven - a serial killer is on the loose, with the seven deadly sins as his inspiration.

Events unfurl, and Somerset is proved correct. But we find out that the diabolical killer is playing games with the detectives.

Why in 100 Best?

A satisfying storyline, filled with twists and turns, with a clever ending.
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