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Sliding Doors

Director Peter Howitt
Producer Phililppa Braithwaite, William Horberg, Sydney Pollack
Screenplay Peter Howitt
Stars Gwyneth Paltrow, John Hannah
Year Released 1998
Sliding Doors

Sliding Doors


London. It's Monday morning. Helen, to her complete suprise, has been fired from her job at a PR firm. She takes the underground home. As she's trying to get onto the train, a little girl accidently blocks the way, and Helen misses the train. Then the exact same scene is played out again - but this time the little girl moves out of the way and Helen catches the train.

The film has split into two strands - in one we follow the Helen that missed the train, in the other we follow the Helen that caught the train. The first Helen catches the next train, delaying her a few minutes. Then as she walks home from the underground station, she is mugged. She has to go to hospital. She gets home much later that evening. The second Helen returns home early (being a few minutes earlier she avoids the muggers). To her surprise, her boyfriend is in their bed with his ex-girlfriend.

The paths of the two Helens continue to quickly and completely diverge.

Why in 100 Best?

It's a question you continually ask yourself - 'What If ....'?

Peter Howitt's movie ponders upon the possible significant outcomes of insignificant events.

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