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Director Luc Besson
Producer Luc Besson, Francois Ruggieri
Screenplay Luc Besson
Stars Isabelle Adjani, Christopher Lambert
Year Released 1985



A car speeds through the streets of Paris. Another car is in hot pursuit. The car stops, Fred jumps out, smartly dressed in a diner suit, and runs down steps to the Metro. His pursuers, similarly dressed, run after him. Just after Fred squeezes through the gate, the metro closes for the night.

Fred discovers and befriends several characters who live permanently in the warren of tunnels underground.

The millionaire's wife, the beautiful Helene, who's flirted with Fred earlier, comes down into the Metro to try and find him.

Why in 100 Best?

The freshness and originality of the script, acting, and cinematography.
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