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Taxi Driver

Director Martin Scorsese
Producer Julia Phillips, Michael Phillips
Screenplay Paul Schrader
Stars Robert De Niro, Cybill Shepherd, Peter Boyle, Jodie Foster, Harvey Keitel, Leonard Harris, Albert Brooks
Year Released 1976
Taxi Driver

Taxi Driver


Travis Buckle lives in a world of frustration, insomnia, loneliness, filth and sleaze. He works nights as a taxi driver, driving endlessly around the dark streets in the worst parts of Manhattan.

Travis gets to know a passenger, a young woman, Betsy, who works as a aide to Senator Palantine. Travis persuades her to go on a date, which, not suprising given Travis's fragile mental state, is very awkward. The date breaks up when Travis takes Betsy to see a porno film.

As Travis's dissociative state worsens, a 12 year old prostitute gets into his cab. Travis makes the decision to save Iris from her depraved world.

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Taxi Driver
Why in 100 Best?

De Niro plays Travis so brilliantly that, the chaotic state of Travis's mind is almost infectious. Great tension and suspense for the viewer.
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