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The Big Blue

Director Luc Besson
Producer Patrice Ledoux
Screenplay Luc Besson
Stars Rosanna Arquette, Jean-Marc Barr, Jean Reno, Paul Shenar
Year Released 1988
The Big Blue

The Big Blue


The lifes of two men, Enzo & Jacques, are intertwined with the sea. As children, they are brought us on the same Greek Island and spend all their days diving & swimming. But The sea claims the life of Jacques father. Years later they meet in the world of competition free-diving. Enzo is world champion, but knows that Jacques (who now thinks he is destined to exist in the sea, not on land) can beat him.
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The Big Blue
Why in 100 Best?

80% of our planet is covered in ocean, but it's true that for most of us, the sea is a truly alien world. Some of us bob around on the surface surfing and swimming. Far more use huge nets do kill those truly adapted to life underwater. This film reminds us that we're land animals, who will only ever exploit the oceans, not be at one with them.
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