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The Green Mile

Director Frank Darabont
Producer Frank Darabont
Screenplay Frank Darabont
Stars Tom Hanks, David Morse, Bonnie Hunt, Michael Clarke, Duncan, Barry Pepper, James Cromwell, Doug Hutchison, Patricia Clarkson
Year Released 1999
The Green Mile

The Green Mile


An elderly Paul Edgecomb tells the story of his early years to a friend, and his words come to life on screen. In the 1930s Paul worked as a prison guard on death row at Louisiana State Penitentiary. When a prisoner is executed, Paul escorts him along 'The Green Mile' (so called because of the green floors) to 'Old Sparky', the antiquated electric chair. Paul treats the death row inmates with dignity, respect, and humanity.

One day, a new prisoner arrives. His name is John Coffey, a gentle giant. John is a black man convicted for the rape and murder of two young white girls.

As time passes, Paul is astonished to find that John is not only humble and unfailingly good-natured, but also possesses miraculous healing powers. John uses his powers to right some of the wrongs on 'The Green Mile'.

Why in 100 Best?

In this movie there's an absolutely huge chasm between blame and guilt, making it especially poignant.
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