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Counter Strike Source

Published By Valve
Game Type First Person Shooter
Year Published 2004
Counter Strike Source

Counter Strike Source

Playing It

Counter Strike Source is a multiplayer online game. It's a first person shooter where you either pick the side of terrorist or counter-terrorist.

As a terrorist you can either eliminate the opposition, stop the counter-terrorists from rescuing the hostages or set a bomb off at specified locations on the map.

As a counter-terrorist your role in the game is to either eliminate all of the opposition team of terrorists, or to rescue hostages or to stop the bomb exploding .

There's are good range of weapons to use and many interesting maps to play on. New custom content is added all the time - this keeps you on your toes.

Why in 100 Best?

Counter Strike Source just works really well. There's a massive network of players from all around the globe wating to take you on. The visuals can can be amazing but you dont need an expensive computer to play it, low visuals are just as much fun.

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