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Gears Of War

Published By Microsoft Game Studios
Game Type Third-Person Shooter
Year Published 2006
Gears Of War

Gears Of War

Playing It

Gears Of War is set arround a group of soldiers called "Delta Squad" as they battle the invaders of a fictional planet, "Serra". It is set 14 years after the invasion of the planet and the player takes the role of "Marcus Fenix" on a misson to destroy the majority of "The Locust Horde" with a "Lightmass bomb". There is a complicated plot, alot to get your teeth into. You have an array of wepons to try out and use in differnt ways, the battle rifle has a chainsaw attachment to deliver instant death at the touch of a button. Gears Of War is not all grit, there is an important tactical side to the game.
Why in 100 Best?

The whole game is a great success. Amazing gameplay, twinned with best graphical game the Xbox 360 has at the moment. Has crowned Gears Of War "The best game of 2006" by many gaming communities and magazines. The sequals will be the ones to watch, aswell as the ever developing film.
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