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Student Bursaries

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Student Bursaries


In September 2006, the maximum tuition fees that universities and colleges can charge went up considerably from 1,175 to 3,000. But, in order to charge the higher fees, the university/college must provide a bursary to assist those from low-income households.

The minum bursary payable to such students is just over 300, but in reality most universities are giving much more, and are linking the amount to a sliding scale of household income.

For instance Newcastle University Bursaries (2008 entry):

  • 1240 per year if your annual household income is less than 17910
  • 930 per year if your annual household income is between 17911 and 25583
  • 620 per year if your annual household income is between 25584 and 30699.
  • It is important that when you complete form PN1 to apply for your student support that you complete Section 13. This section allows the release of your assessment information to the University in order for them to grant you a bursary.

    Why in 100 Best?

    Finances can be difficult at university/college, and it's important to make sure you take advantage of all sources for non-repayable funds, such as bursaries and grants.
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