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Basset Hound - First steps

First steps

Size Height 12-15 inches
Weight 35-70lbs
Lifespan 10-12 yrs
Category AKC Breed Group: Hound
Basset Hound - Mmm.. My tennis ball

Mmm.. My tennis ball

Basset Hound - A day out at the beach

A day out at the beach

Basset Hound - Jumping Basset

Jumping Basset

Basset Hound


With its small stature and cute long droopy ears you could easily mistake the Basset for a domestic dog. The Basset is actually one of the most adapted dogs for hunting. It has an outstanding sense of smell and great stamina. Although the Basset is renowned for having a "barrel belly", it is surprisingly agile with powerful limbs and great sense of direction.

The Basset Hound is a favorite TV and cinema dog, with many appearances in various films and TV shows. These include disney films such as "The Aristocats" and "The Fox and the Hound", as well as a famous moment on "The Steve Allen Show" where Elvis Presley sang "Hound Dog" to a lucky Basset named Sherlock. The Basset Hound has not been limited to just are TV screens, you may remember a famous comic strip by Alex Graham called "Fred Basset" which ran from 1963.

History The Basset is a cross between two bloodhounds, the "Regular Artisien Normand" and the "Basset Artisien Normand". The hound was a storming success at the Paris dog show in 1863, where fanciers debated the merits of the two common Bassets, the "Basset Griffron" with a rough coat and the Basset Franšais with a smooth coat. The breed was first recognised by the American Kennel Club in 1885.

Temperament The Basset is a well known favourite domestic pet - for good reason. It is a naturally friendly breed and particuly good with children. Bassets are known to emit a low whine to get attention or beg. They also have a reputation for their ability to forecast wet weather, with a characteristic low barking. Be careful not to ignore these, as your washing may get wet.

Care and Exercise Grooming is straightforward. Keeping a Basset healthy is a more difficult challenge. They are prone to lazyness in the house, so regular exercise and at least one long walk a day is recommended. One major risk is overfeeding, it should be avoided as it puts strain on their small legs that can lead to paralysis.

Puppies The average litter is around 8, but there have been cases with as many as 14. The puppies are born with their adult fur colors, and with their eyes closed. The young puppies have an almost unlimited natural curiosity, so keep a watchful eye on them!

Health Due to those long droopy ears, Bassets are prone to ear infections and disease. It is best to keep them clean and check for any signs of infection on a regular basis. Bassets are also prone to eye infections, so It is best to wipe their eyes everyday with a clean damp cloth.

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Popular domestic dog, good with children. Also an excellent hunter with an astounding sense of smell.

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