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Jared Padalecki – Naturally Good Looking

Friday, February 6th, 2009

Jared Padalecki comes from San Antonio, Texas. Jared showed an early enthusiasm for acting, and with the encouragement of his mom (an English teacher) joined up at the young age of 12 for acting tuition. At school he was an active and accomplished member of the drama club; his talents shone so much that in his final year he was given the honor of Presidential Scholar, a distinction awarded to only a couple of hundred pupils in the entire US.

One of Jared’s favorite eaterys in San Antonio was the local Planet Hollywood, where famous movie memorabilia decorate the walls. When the restaurant held a ‘Claim to Fame’ heat (run by FOX TV), Jared took his chance and signed up for the competition. Thanks to his wonderful acting skills he won the first prize of a ticket to LA, to compete in the grand final. Which of course he also won (well co-winner). While in LA he met an acting agent, who suggested to Jared that he had the potential to succeed as a full time actor, mentioning that, after he had finished school, Jared could contact him up if he wanted representation.

The idea of a career in Hollywood obviously appealed, and on graduating from school Jared forsake an opportunity to study at the University of Texas, instead flying out to LA and taking the agent up at his word. His decision proved the correct one, as within a few months of moving to the West coast Jared landed his first acting role – a major part in the TV-movie Silent Witness. Following on from this Jared was picked for the cast of the TV series Gilmore Girls, for the role of Dean, Rory’s love interest. The show quickly became a must-see series from coast-to-coast, and tall, handsome Jared became a big hit with lots of young women.

Extending his career from TV into the movies became possible when in 2003 Jared secured his first major part in a big-budget movie, New York Minute, playing a lead role opposite the gorgeous Olsen twins. Following on from this, Jared appeared in the well-received House Of Wax, where his acting skills held up well against those of Paris Hilton.

2005 saw Jared returning to TV, to star in the sci-fi program Supernatural. He plays the role of Sam Wichester, who teams up with his elder brother (Jensen Ackles) to fight all kinds of supernatural evils.

The horror theme continued, when in 2009, Jared appeared in the reincarnation of Friday the 13th, a nightmare-inducing return to Camp Crystal Lake.

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Best Looking Men‘s ratings for Jared Padalecki : Talent 4 stars out of 5 – Looks 4 stars out of 5 – Achievement 3 stars out of 5.