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Actresses With Tattoos

Wednesday, January 28th, 2009

Award For Actress With The Best Tattoo Goes To?

Every Hollywood actress has more than her fair share of natural beauty. And a carefully chosen tattoo can add attraction and interest to even the most curvaceous body. But pick unwisely, and you risk spoiling god’s gift, turning beauty to beast. Let’s cast our eye over tinsel town’s finest, and pick out the winner of our much-coveted award.


Scarlett Johansson

The blonde bombshell from New York City brings out untrammelled lust in men everywhere.
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The darling of Hollywood has only one tatt, a small circular design on the inside of her left forearm. Let’s face it, though, the small tatt is a complete disaster – a naive and garishly colored design. Please Doctor, start up that laser right now because we’re booking a series of eradication appointments for gorgeous Scarlett.


Close Up:


Charlize Theron

Overcoming a desparately tragic childhood, Charlize is one of the few to have conquered Hollywood. Her impressive CV includes a string of successful movies such as The Cider House Rules, Men of Honor, and The Italian Job. She’s even won an Oscar for her role as the abused/turned-abuser serial killer in the dark and brutal flick Monster.
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She has two small tattoos on her right foot, one a fish, one a flower.Both tattoos are discreet and appealing. Charlize storms into first place on our leaderboard.


Jessica Alba

The Fantastic Four star Jessica Alba is every man’s dream date.
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Jessica has a ladybug/floral motif on the back of her neck, a Sanskrit character meaning lotus flower on the inside of her right wrist, and a ribboned bow tattoo on the small of her back.
Jessica easily sweeps past Scarlett, but fails to take the lead – the possible connotations of her back tatt are just too trashy!

Close Ups:

Jessica Biel

After being tied into a merciless contract on TV’s 7th Heaven, Jessica Biel finally escaped in 2003 to fulfil her destiny as a super movie actress.
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Jessica has a small tattoo of a dove on the right side of her stomach, just above the bikini line.
Well not small, but very small ie bordering on unnoticeable. An incredibly timid attempt at a piece of body art, which surely would get a dismissive laugh from Kat Von D. So Jessica moves into penultimate place. (Scarlett remains in a completely unassailable bottom position!)

Close Up:

Eva Longoria

After a chequered career which included some fairly missable TV shows, Eva Longoria hit the big time with her role as Gabrielle Solis in Desperate Housewives.
For more info and wallpapers see Eva Longoria .
The petite and very pretty Eva has a tiny star tattoo on inside of left wrist, her wedding date in roman numerals on the inside of her right wrist, a Celtic cross on the small of her back, a flower tattoo to the right of her lower back, her husband’s jersey number ‘NINE’ on the back of her neck and (purportedly) her husband’s initials (TP) in an unknown intimate location.
Oh, love is so touching, but 3 spouse-related designs? A little too soppy me thinks. Though the old-school Celtic cross is strong and classy, taking Eva into a small overall lead.

Close Ups:

Megan Fox

She rocketed to fame playing a lead role in the hit movie Transformers.
Megan has a tattoo of a moon and starfish on her right ankle, a portrait tattoo of Marilyn Monroe on her right arm, a small tattoo of two intertwined waves inside her left wrist, the name ‘Brian’ above her bikini line, the words there once was a little girl who never knew love until a boy broke her HEART’ on her left rib cage just below her armpit and finally the words ‘We will all laugh at gilded butterflies’ on her the back of her shoulder. Phew…!
Plus I have a horrible feeling that Megan’s at the tattoo parlour at this very moment, rendering the list out of date.
At last we have the real deal, inspired choices by an obvious ink afficiando. Megan is undoubtedly the hands-down winner of our award.

Close Ups:

The Result

To recap the final positions…
6th Scarlett Johansson
5th Jessica Biel
4th Jessica Alba
3rd Charlize Theron
2nd Eva Longoria
The Award For the Actress with the Best Tattoo goes to…. Megan Fox.

(Please note … Angelina J refused to turn up!)

Perhaps models do body art better? See my lens Models With Tattoos to judge for yourself.

Panic At The Disco

Friday, January 23rd, 2009

Ryan Ross (vocals/guitar) and Spencer Smith (drums) attended the same High School in Las Vegas. With a friend Brent Wilson (bass, ex-member) they started jamming together in the evenings. The informal practice sessions soon morphed the group into a rock band, christened Summer League. After a few gigs, the friends reckoned their band’s sound was a bit on the ‘thin’ side, so a search started for an extra guitar player. Brent met Brendon Urie, inviting him along to audition to play guitar. But when it was realised that Brendon’s singing voice was the best of the group, he was persuaded to take over lead vocals. To celebrate their new line-up, a new name was called for. The foursome settled on Panic! at the Disco (the ! was later discarded).

Pete Wentz (see Fall Out Boy Songs) saw PATD performing, and suggested to the band that they approach the Fueled by Ramen label. Pete’s intincts proved correct as the record company offered PATD a contract. The band’s first album A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out came out late in 2005. Their first single – I Write Sins Not Tragedies – was released from the album. The single’s video included a mock circus wedding – the circus idea is a constant theme of the band’s tours. To raise their image, the band embarked on a protracted US tour, as a support act. By the end of the tour their popularity had increased to such an extent that they became the headline act. A second single from the album, But It’s Better If You Do was released early in spring 2006, rising to number 26 in the charts. This single is many people’s favorite of all Panic At The Disco songs.

On tour though, the internal squabbling in the band turned from playful to resentful. Eventually Brent Wilson made the decision to quit. This left the group short of a bass for the UK and European leg of their tour. Fortunately Jon Walker, who was a friend from school days, stepped up to fill the role.

The band’s sophomore album, Pretty. Odd came out early in 2008. It reached #2 in both the US and UK albums chart. Key tracks off the album include Nine in the Afternoon and That Green Gentleman.

Best Band’s (from 100BestEverything) ratings for PATD: Music 5 stars out of 5. Character 4 stars out of 5. Live Performance 3 out of 5.

Guide To Makalawena Beach, Big Island, Hawaii

Wednesday, January 21st, 2009

To reach Makalena Beach requires a bit of a trek, which on hot days can be hard work. Before you set out to visit this magnificent beach, pack a backpack with plenty of food and water – there are no provisions available at this remote beauty spot.

In your car, take Route 19 northwards from Kailua-Kona, then turn left onto the rough access road for Kekaha Kai State Park (after mile 88). After a rough 1 mile, the road reaches a crossroads. Park your car on the small area available next to the intersection. Follow the path that leads right from the crossroads. (Straight on leads you to Mahaiula beach, left goes to Makolea beach – both are also worth a visit).

After a few minutes, you’ll arrive at the coast, where you can pick up the coastal trail. Turn right, to head north. The path now leaves the coast, across a rugged patch of black lava. It takes about 20 minutes to cross the lava, then you arrive at the southern end of Makalawena beach.

Phew! No wonder you’ll often have the beach to yourself. But the hike-in’s well worth it, because you’ve arrived at one of the most beautiful beaches on the Hawaiian islands.

Makalawena beach actually consists of 3 sweeps of sand, separated from each other by lava points. There’s lots of vegetation behind the sand, so if you want it’s easy to find a place out of the sun for your picnic.

The swimming and snorkeling are absolutely super. The water is pleasantly warm and, on calmer days, the underwater visibility excellent. Body and boogie-board surfers head for the last of the beaches – the surf is normally better there.

Best Beach‘s rating : Wilderness feel 5 stars out of 5, Warm water 4 out of 5, Facilities 0 out of 5. Happy times 5 stars out of 5.

Guide To Jasper National Park

Wednesday, January 21st, 2009


Jasper National Park is a beautiful area with nature as its tourist attraction. It is ideal for the single traveler, a couple, a group of friends, or a family. Here are a few ideas when traveling through the Park:

1. Wildlife, however tame it may seem to be, is wild. Do not feed the animals or try to get in close for the perfect picture. The animals are unpredictable, and have been known to seriously injure or kill humans. Always be very careful around the animals; this is not a petting zoo. Also, use caution when driving. There are often many animals on the road, so to protect yourself and the wildlife, adhere to all posted speed limits.

2. The weather in Jasper National Park is often as unpredictable as the wildlife. In the middle of July you could get hot, sunny weather one day, and snow falling the next. Keep this in mind when packing.

3. The town of Jasper can be expensive. From food, to hotel accommodations, to personal hygiene items, purchases made in Jasper are generally more expensive than the average Alberta town.

4. Pay heed to the signs that warn you that the next gas station is very far away. Gas stations are few and far apart in the Park, and the more remote they are, the more expensive they get. If possible, fuel up in the town of Jasper, and keep your tank relatively full at all times.

Accommodation Ideas

The price of a hotel room or suite in Jasper is usually fairly expensive. If you are a family looking for a place to stay, good places are bungalows like the Pocahontas and Bonhomme Bungalows. If you can afford a more expensive vacation, here are a couple favorites among the many up-market hotels:

1. Jasper Park Lodge: This hotel is very pricey; the cheapest room during the summer is around $200/night. Located around Lac Beauvert outside of the town, it is picturesque and features a wide variety of suites and activities. Activities and amenities include the promenade (mall), a few restaurants with delicious food, swimming facilities, horseback riding, an excellent golf course, and a walking trail around the lake. The rooms have a rustic and cozy atmosphere, and although this is a gorgeous place to spend the night or day, it is not for the shallow wallet.

2. Charlton’s Chateau Jasper: This is a beautiful hotel with a more modern look. It is priced lower than Jasper Park Lodge with the Premier’s suite at around $250/night. The hotel is located nicely in the town of Jasper; it is within walking distance of downtown, but far enough so that it is not noisy. There is a wide variety of excellent food, and I highly recommend the Sunday Brunch. There is also the option of the countless charming bed-and-breakfasts, not to mention plenty of campgrounds for those who like “roughing it”.

Eating Out

Food is usually higher-priced than average, but there are also a wide variety of restaurants and price ranges in the town. You can eat at the good old A&W restaurant for less than ten bucks, or you can spend a bit more for a fancier meal at the L&W restaurant. You can also go all out and eat at one the many posh dining rooms in town such as the Timberland, Tonquin Valley Inn, or Chateau Jasper.

Things to Do in Jasper National Park

The upside of Jasper National Park, is that once you’ve paid for the hotel room and your food, there are many exciting things to do that cost no more than the gas in your vehicle to get to your destination.

Maligne Canyon A moderate hike in both distance and difficulty, Maligne Canyon is an ideal and beautiful place to get a bit of exercise and fresh air. Bring your camera, but under no circumstances cross the boundaries around the canyon to get a better picture – a tourist has recently died attempting this. If you follow the guidelines, this will be an enjoyable and safe excursion.

Athabasca Falls This waterfall is absolutely stunning. The powerful roar of the water can be heard when you step out of your vehicle. The walk is leisurely and short, but the experience is wonderful. Again, bring your camera and stay within boundaries.

Tonquin Valley This hike boasts breathtaking views, but it is not for the fainthearted. It is arduous, though its length is determined by whenever you choose to turn around. If you choose to spend the night at one of the campsites, expect a long hike before you reach the first camp. Bring appropriate hiking and camping gear, if you go on this trip, you “will” be roughing it. Also, if you plan on spending the night in the camp, you must pay a small fee and register at the tourist information center in Jasper. For the adventurer, Tonquin Valley is ideal because of its wild beauty and very few tourists (on our six hour hike, we encountered one person). However, a few cautionary notes are in order. The sun sets in the mountain valley a lot earlier than in the town, therefore, be sure that you are either back at your vehicle or at the campsite before nightfall. There are many grizzly and black bears that roam the area. Although you will probably not come across either, take the necessary precautions to avoid or escape an attack. Bringing pepper spray and making constant noise are just a couple of precautions. Consult someone with reliable knowledge about bears and wildlife before embarking on this hike. Remember also that you will be far from civilization; if you are injured, medical help is far away and most cell phones will not work in the valley. These are not to discourage you from embarking on this memorable adventure, they are just precautions so that you avoid potential pitfalls.

Old Fort Point This is a moderate hike in length and difficulty, and the work pays off in the gorgeous view of the town and Lac Beauvert. Wear good hiking footwear and bring a camera. You may also encounter wildlife the higher up you go (we saw a majestic ram). If you see wildlife, take your cue from their response and act accordingly. Most animals will watch you closely but not attack. However, keep your distance as much as possible.

Horseback riding with Pyramid Stables Horseback riding is one of my favorite activities in Jasper. You get a knowledgeable guide, a safe and well-trained horse, and gorgeous views when you go on this trail ride. You have the option of a one, two, or three-hour ride, each one covering different terrain. Also, keep in mind that you will be riding at a higher elevation; bring warm clothes. While going on a horseback ride may be a bit costly, if you enjoy horseback riding, this will be worth your money.

Skiing in Winter
The beautiful Lake Louise Ski Resort is nearby, offering near perfect skiing on sublime snow.