Touring BC, From Vancouver to Revelstoke

Vancouver is a huge city comprising many smaller cities, so bring a map to find your way around. Also, be patient because rush hour traffic seems to be ever present. Vancouver has many beaches to choose from since it is located along the west coast.

Bridal Veil Falls Located just off Highway#1, Bridal Veil Falls is the perfect place for people of all ages. Accommodations range from hotels to an RV park to a campground to pitch your tent. There is a golf course for the adults, and beautiful hiking trails winding through the lush foliage in the jungle-like forests. There are also many activities for the kids. Children can try the waterslides, bumper boats, and Dino Park. All amenities are within walking distance. Finally, within a short hike, you’ll find beautiful Bridal Veil Falls.

Whitecliff Park Located at the northwestern tip of North Vancouver, Whitecliff Park is a beautiful, nearly isolated beach and park. No pets are allowed in the park, and seashell picking is prohibited. If you’re lucky, as we were, you may get to see some seals up close. There is a family of seals that comes by once in a while to sun themselves on the small rock island just a short ways of the main beach. This rock island is not too difficult to access because it is connected to the beach by a strip of large rocks. However, be careful to get back to the beach before the tide comes in.

Pacific Northern Exhibition This fair is a definite smorgasbord of activities. There is something for everyone of all ages, and it is only $6 + tax to get in and enjoy all the attractions. Ride tickets cost extra, though. Lots of food, activities, rides, and games are the many highlights at the PNE. Here is a partial list of the scheduled events for the summer of 2000:-Eukanuba Superdogs: exciting and fun canine performances and competitions-Demo Derby: the largest demolition derby in North America with 51 exciting, crashing, noisy shows-Pig Races: pigs racing around a track sounds like fun, and it is very popular and hard to see, so come early.-Casino and Bingo: exciting gambling, and all proceeds go to PNE’s non-profit attractions-The Track: world-class thoroughbred horse racing – very high-energy

The Ferry – Vancouver Island Scheduled throughout the day, visitors can take the ferry to Vancouver island. Remember to bring a jacket because it is very cold travelling on the ocean. There is a restaurant, washrooms, and a gift shop on board. Vancouver Island is a beautiful place to visit with many attractions such as the wax museum, an underwater sea museum, and the stunning Buttchart Gardens.


Situated in the heart of the Okanagan valley, Kelowna is a gorgeous city to vacation at. The atmosphere is nice and relaxed, and the weather is usually hot and sunny. The main beach near downtown Kelowna has plenty of space to spread out and the sand is soft. There are also many orchards with plenty of fresh fruit.

Salmon Arm

Located in the Shuswap area, Salmon Arm boasts beautiful summer weather that complements the many beaches along the lakes. There are various summer activities in this small city, including camping by the lake or renting a houseboat with friends or family.

Minos Restaurant My favorite restaurant in Salmon Arm, with many delicious items on its menu. The selection is very impressive; dishes range from a humble donair to a juicy prime rib dinner. The prices are also quite reasonable. The service is excellent and friendly. This restaurant is extra interesting because of the many ghost stories floating around it. Our waitress confirmed the abundance of these tales, but did not actually experience the presence of any supernatural entity. Minos is definitely highly recommended because of its large selection of tasty and inexpensive meals. It is a great place to bring your friends or family.

Sandy Point This campground is located by one of the many lakes and has a beautiful beach (as its name suggests). There is a playground for the children and many water sports for all to participate in. While the campground does not offer much privacy, it is obviously very popular since it is often quite busy.

Other Activities While you are in Salmon Arm, you must stop at one of the many fruit stands along the road. There are always many kinds of seasonal fruit and veggies to choose from, and they are very tasty, fresh, and juicy. Making a trip to the waterslides is always a favorite with the kids, and Salmon Arm has a great waterslide park to try.


Whilst those not-in-the-know continue to head in their droves for overpriced, overcrowded and overhyped Whistler, the die-hard snow sports enthusiasts head for Revelstoke. The ski resort’s moto, ‘The Longest Skiable Vertical in North America’ (over a mile) translates into magnificent skiing, with incredible powder rarely ‘skiied-out’. Revelstoke also promises lift-skiing, heli-skiing and cat-skiing all from its compact base. Heaven-on-earth for powder skiiers!

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